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©   There are three major considerations for the proper use of copyrighted music in Church. The first two of those considerations are the issues of the printing or photocopying of copyrighted music and the taping of worship services for distribution to shut-ins. These things, without special licensing, are violations of the copyright law. However, blanket licensing is available for your church through Christian Copyright Licensing International for a relatively modest fee. Apply on the web at The third consideration for the proper use of copyrighted music by churches relates to audio and video tape recording (for sale or general distribution).

©   There is a general rule for photocopying: Don’t! There may be some circumstances when you will find it possible to negotiate for that permission…but you should be sure that you have it in writing from the copyright owner.

©    There is a general rule for audio and video taping to make tapes for sale or general distribution: Get licenses! If the music has been recorded previous to your project, you may make use of compulsory licenses. If you want to video, the law requires a negotiated license.

©   Churches and non-profit organizations are not exempt from copyright laws relating to the recording of audio and video tapes for sale or general distribution. If you plan to record, read carefully through this website…especially the Process page. If you’d like professional assistance for your project, contact CopyClear.