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Welcome to CopyClear, Inc…

… a music industry agency for obtaining your recording rights…

Welcome to CopyClear…where you can find information to help you plan your next recording project. CopyClear is a music industry agency for obtaining mechanical, synchronization, master use, and other recording licenses.  

Musicians, music producers, record labels, production facilities, and all those who record other people's music must obtain permission and purchase releases: mechanical licenses for audio, synchronization licenses for video, and negotiated (master use) licenses for the use of pre-recorded tracks. Obtaining any one of these licenses can be frustratingly difficult and time consuming.  

CopyClear can be of service.  The constant evolution of the music industry presents continuing challenges for those who wish to use copyrighted works.  For more than fifteen years, CopyClear has offered an efficient, reasonably priced option for those who prefer the certainty and convenience of professional assistance in obtaining these licenses.  

If you're planning to use someone else's music, CopyClear is available to help.