CopyClear will complete all the research, verify all copyrights, file all permission requests and manage all the correspondence and royalty payments to the publishers for a one-time fee to the client of $139.95 for up to ten songs on a single CD project.  Songs beyond the initial ten are $5.00 each. We ask for our fee up front and then invoice you one time for the royalties due to the copyright owners (detailed below).  

Mechanical License Royalties

The current mechanical license royalty rates are set by the US Copyright Office: 9.1 cents per song per copy recorded if the song is five minutes or less in length, or 1.75 cents per minute for each recorded song that is longer than five minutes.

Processing fees from the publishers may accompany the royalties due.

Other License Royalties

There is no royalty structure set by the US Copyright Office for synchronization and master use licenses, so we accept these requests on a case-by-case basis.  Obtaining these licenses can be difficult, time consuming, and sometimes have disappointing results.

Contact us with your questions and we'll provide more information.